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What is YouPickIt?

What? Where? When? YouPickIt shows you, how to buy!

Neutral and independent, YouPickIt shows more than 60 million local prices daily from supermarkets, discounters, drugstores, DIY stores and electronics retailers - available at any time via smartphone, tablet or PC. The portal makes it possible to plan all daily purchases and to optimize them according to price aspects as well as time-distance aspects. For the first time ever, the consumer is provided with an instrument for optimizing purchasing, which will revolutionize purchasing behavior and purchasing planning.

Now www.youpickit.de is available - the first portal for individual shopping optimization!

YouPickIt is a completely new dimension of shopping assisstance service, as it combines different services into just one local and independent price portal. All functions come together in the heart of the portal - the shopping optimizer. In addition to the pure price information on all products, the consumer receives the YouPickIt price rating by means of a thermometer. Particularly favorable offers are additionally marked by pick seals. Since YouPickIt knows the individual favorites of the user and the associated prices of his favorite stores for the first time it will be possible to exploit the enormous savings potential of daily shopping without a time-consuming search.

Flyers, leaflets and advertising brochures appear in a whole new light.)

The interactive leaflet makes scrolling a lot easier - favorites as well as gold, silver and bronze picks are visible at just one glance. Clicking on the offer leads directly to the product and shows the corresponding prices of all dealers in the surrounding. Those in a hurry can see either the best offers only or their favorites in a flyer. Moreover the favorites list shows directly, if there are attractive offers to the favorite products. If you wish to receive news about your favorite stores or specific promotions on favorite products, YouPickIt will inform you in advance by email - the so-called PickAlarm! All features and content can be accessed at any time via the app. The digital shopping list can easily be ticked off via smartphone and transferred to the budget book - this way, the shopping budget can be clearly managed and remains within an individually defined framework.

The heart of the portal is the function "shopping optimizer".

The times of exhausting hand-to-hand comparison are over, as YouPickIt knows all the prices. The question of whether it pays off for a good action to visit another store answers the portal with a simple click. Just fill the shopping list with products and start optimizing: buy only the cheapest products or only in your favorite store or buy everything in the cheapest market? Choose what fits and YouPickIt instantly shows WHAT, WHERE and WHEN you make the best bargains!

The shopping behavior of the future to be found on a completely new level.

Is it steaks or a stereo, make-up or milk, digestifs or a drill - purchasing is cost-effective and time-optimized. The prices appear in unprecedented transparency. As a highlight, a direct price comparison can be done with a barcode scanner on-site - the customer has never had that much autonomy. Last but not least, "Click and Pick", as an ideal supplement to the classic leflet, stands also for sustainability and environmental protection.

Tanken leicht gemacht!

Und was die räumliche Mobilität angeht: Auch hier schaltet YPI den entscheidenden Gang weiter und zeigt die Spritpreise aller Tankstellen in ganz Deutschland in Echtzeit an.
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